Tuesday, February 11, 2014

valentine's for the grandparents.

today we made valentine's to send to brooklyn's grandparents. we were supposed to do this on friday, so she had been waiting a long time to do this. she couldn't wait to get her hands on those markers. oh those markers. as soon as she got her hands on them, she was scribbling like crazy and pushing down with all her strength. she was definitely a little more than excited. 

she loved having a bunch of different cards to color on and stick stickers to. i would tell her who the card was for and she'd talk to them like they were right there. she was in heaven to say the least.

by the time she was done, she had marker everywhere. all over her hands and arms, behind her ears, on her lips and eyelids, and some on her legs. it. was. everywhere. 

besides using the markers, she loved putting the valentine's right in the mailbox. she wanted to do it all. open the mailbox, put the envelopes in, close the mailbox, and put up the red flag. 

the valentine's were supposed to have pictures of her in them, but we just didn't get to that this year. hopefully next year it'll happen. sorry grandparents. if i had done them on friday like planned... darn it. anyway, hopefully they make it to you in one piece and they're something that will put a smile on your faces.

and now, potty training. 

seriously, pray for us.

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