Thursday, February 13, 2014

we've been busy

tuesday night we were busy doing fun stuff like watching haley cheer (and be honored as a senior) at good ol' north summit high. it seriously blows my mind that she's a senior and that she'll be joining the adult world in just a few months. 

brooklyn and liv sat like this for maybe 15 seconds and for the rest of the game they were everywhere. glad to have documented the quiet moments like this.

she loves her auntie hay!

the other 'busy' has been potty training. ya know, the take the toddler to the potty every ten minutes for two days kind of busy. wow. i'm not working from home anymore so being able to give brooklyn my full attention AND check potty training off the list totally made sense. 

i strapped on my apron and stuffed the pockets full of dum dum suckers and starbursts (only the fave reds of course!) to be able to award a potty in the potty at any second. we also stocked up capri suns and clifford juice boxes, her choice.

after the first two hours and three accidents, i was ready to cry and give up. i didn't care if she was in diapers until high school, this was miserable. 

but slowly, it got better. by the end of the day she had the hang of it...for the most part. she loved running around in undies all day and getting to play with a little squirt bottle. she was in heaven.

day two was so much better. we still did the ten minutes increments and we had no accidents. she even did #2 three times! the first time was awarded a krispy kreme donut. 

when james got home we started trading shifts and moved it to every fifteen minutes. it felt like such a huge difference those five glorious minutes. brooklyn kept herself busy with markers, stickers, and decorating our front room wall for valentine's i'm guessing...

after feeling guilty for about two weeks while i was working from home, it's so nice to be able to wake up and know that brooklyn is my main priority during the day. with another baby coming into her world, i'm so happy to have these next few months to just focus on her. a huge shout out to those moms out there who work from home or outside the home. you are super woman and i honestly don't know how you do it. go get yourself some chocolate! me, taking care of a toddler, keeping up on my house, and making meals is about all i can handle during the day. and i'm not ashamed to say it. 

let's hope for an even better day tomorrow! (today/thursday)


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