Friday, February 14, 2014


normally, i can handle winter until after valentine's day. but boy, mother nature was super sneaky this year and made me want spring just the day before valentine's day. it felt like a spring day (a little bit of a chilly one) at our house and brooklyn and i spent a good hour and a half enjoying the fresh air.

day three of potty training went well. we had one accident and brooklyn made it through a morning of running errands with dry undies. i was a proud mama. we're definitely still taking her every 15-30 minutes just to be careful. 

right before dinner one of brooklyn's cute friends showed up at the door with this darling cupcake and some valentine's cards. brooklyn was in heaven and scarfed down her green beans and chicken just so she could dive into this bad boy.

i really wish we would have timed her. i'm guessing she had it gone in fifteen seconds. no lie.

(the cinderella on her high chair is what she chose to spend her valentine's $ on from her grandma and grandpa)

and valentine's eve just kept getting better for brooklyn jayde. she pooped on the toilet and right after, her auntie googs called to say she was on her way to our house to fulfill a promise to her: if she would poop on the toilet, she'd buy her a barbie. so james and i quickly fulfilled a promise of ours to her: a donut for a job well done, and then we met up with auntie googs to get that barbie. brooklyn's spoiled right now to say the least. her choice was not suprising. she went with a rapunzel barbie.

we are so excited to celebrate this day of love together as a little family. as per tradition, we'll be ordering dinner in, dressing up a little, decorating, and just relaxing at home. james and i now just have to agree on where our dinner is going to come from. decisions decisions. 

and i can't wait for brooklyn to open these couple of gifts. i'm dying to show her the fairybirds book. i'm already feeling a birthday theme coming on.

h a p p y  v a l e n t i n e ' s  d a y  <3 p="">

p.s. if you haven't watched this yet, DO IT RIGHT NOW! brooklyn and i are obsessed and have watched it a million times. we love alex boye around these parts, and the girl in it is amazing!

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