Monday, February 10, 2014

we are 20 weeks!

most important thing first, we are now 20 weeks over here. i am honestly overwhelmed with gratitude when i think about being halfway through this pregnancy. a pregnancy that started out very scary for me. i seriously am so incredibly happy. i feel baby move and i can't help but smile and seriously feel so so blessed. 

20 weeks.

you won't hear me complain about pregnancy. sure i don't sleep well and i have the headaches and the leg aches, but i will take it one hundred times and over and over. these little pesky things will never compare to being able to bare children. when it's something that you want so badly, there is no room for complaints. i know too many women who would give their lives just to experience pregnancy that i hope i never forget what a miracle it truly is. so if you ever hear me complain, slap me across the face, hard. and i mean that.

we get to have our big ultrasound next week and i definitely look forward to it. with brooklyn, i wouldn't really believe she was a girl until her 20 week ultrasound. i didn't buy anything pink (or anything baby) until after that ultrasound. i guess i feel a tad superstitious that something could still go wrong, which is obviously not a healthy way to think, but i really can't even help it. so we're praying for a healthy ultrasound next week to help us feel even more excited (and relaxed) about this baby. 

brooklyn talks about her baby sister often now. i love it. i don't force it on her or even ask her about having a baby sister. she just comes up with all these things she's going to teach her. like how to blow bubbles with bubblegum. something she looks forward to learning how to do it as well. 

our weekend was enjoyable. like i mentioned on friday, i was super stoked for the opening ceremonies and have been enjoying the olympics all weekend. i seriously get obsessed. i love it. brooklyn has loved watching the ice skating. she runs around the room like she's on skates and i totally relate to that. gosh i wanted to be able to do that so bad when i was a young girl. who am i kidding, i want to be able to do that now! the ruesch clan joined us and we enjoyed some yummy snacks. a little healthy mixed with the not so healthy.

(i am not even joking, if you haven't tried those coconut delight oreos...go get some NOW! RUN!)

brooklyn enjoyed a morning play date on saturday. she ran to the door, knocked on it, and made sure that i wasn't coming in with her. she's growing up way too fast.

this was my weekend reading material...

i'm a sucker for a good housekeeping book. this one in particular is from my MIL. she gave it to all the gals in the family for v-day. i love it! and the good ol potty training book (also given to me by my MIL). yes, that is in our very near future. pray for me.

we had our taxes done. always a good feeling to have done. 

and we definitely vegged and just enjoyed the olympics. i love these kind of weekends. i'm happy to be surrounded by my little family, who are healthy and happy, just enjoying some relaxation. looking forward to a week full of valentine's fun. 

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

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