Monday, February 9, 2015

so far this february....

in the past week, life has settled back into our normal routine. it felt good. routine is something that can get boring, but after too long without it, i want to crawl in a hole and cry. i love routine, and hopefully it's here to stay for a while. we got back into our usual morning routine: breakfast, complete with the disney station on pandora, baths, straightening up, nap for kendall, errands, and gosh it felt good. kendall is almost eight months old and only probably half of her life has been consistent with routine. 

she's just so darn cute.

we went out for fhe and brooklyn was stoked because it was to her favorite restaurant. pizza pie cafe. she could eat there every meal. 

we hit up a few story times that we hope to make part of our weekly routine. brooklyn loves the social aspect and really does love the story part.

(this one is at pottery barn kids. isn't the set up darling?)

james didn't have class this week so we got to see him a lot more. the girls love when he's home and he's so good to just take them and entertain them. i almost never have to ask. he just loves to be with them.

we've gotten to know some people in our ward and we even went to a ward activity this weekend. it's nice to get to know people outside of church. i like seeing people in their regular clothes and doing silly things. like the pictured activity below. this was a minute to win it game and i won. my family probably can't believe i even participated, let alone won. but yep, i stacked those bad boys high on my forehead and won that huge trophy. 

brooklyn was stoked about it. she was even more stoked that there was a pinata. shaped like a mustache i might add. she got a turn with the bat to get a good whack at it, and got some candy when one of the older kids broke it open. the night was topped off with ice cream for everyone and we all went home happy.

the most note worthy event of the weekend happened on friday when the holmes crew gathered at the bountiful temple to do my grandma's temple work. haley got to be baptized for her/deven baptized, kayla did the confirmation/trevor confirmed her, whitney did the initiatatory, i got to do the endowment, and my cousins emily and colby got to be proxy for the sealing of my grandparents. it was such a special experience. one i will always be so grateful for. plus, we don't get to see that holmes crew very often so it was a bonus to hang out with them at the temple and then go to do dinner afterward. thank goodness kayla demanded a selfie right outside the temple or we wouldn't have any picture documentation of this special event.

life is good. i am so grateful for the day to day blessings that i enjoy. sometimes during the day, when both girls end up on my lap, i can hardly believe i'm so lucky. so lucky to be a mom of two beautiful healthy girls. so lucky that i have a husband who loves these girls as much as i do, and that he loves me just as much. i am loved. what more could a person want in this life? 

this life of mine is simple, dirty, chaotic, not very glamorous, but gosh it's just good. 

h a p p y  m o n d a y

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