Monday, February 2, 2015

super bowl weekend.

this weekend was good to us. it went by way too quickly and we really tried to enjoy every second of it. it technically started on thursday night for me. after three solid weeks of sick kids and a sick husband, i decided a break would be ok.

in the mother's lounge on our first sunday at our new ward, a cute girl invited me to a girls' night a bunch of the girls in the ward were having. she told me we were doing a valentine exchange for our husbands, but that it really was a good excuse to get together. all week i wasn't sure if i'd be able to go because it was on thursday, and james has class thursday nights, therefore leaving me without someone to watch the kids. my cute SIL came to the rescue and was so nice to volunteer to watch the girls while i went. so thursday morning, with my sister's help, i came up with this as my valentine for the exchange.

the other girls came up with some darn cute ideas and went all out. it was a fun night away that i needed desperately and it totally recharged me!

again, thanks to my SIL, i made it to the gym both friday and saturday. i have missed going every day and can't wait to get back into the routine. friday and saturday, we relaxed, and did a little more putting together of the house. i'm so grateful james is willing to help me hang things and put things away. he's much better at all that than i am.

saturday evening we headed up to my parents'. it was such a nice getaway! brooklyn loved having her cousin to play with and kendall loved being passed around to her grandparents and all her aunts and uncles. and i loved hanging out with everyone and getting in a good nap on sunday before the super bowl.

--- a little photo shoot before church (in their valentine best. it was february 1st after all.) ---

--- and after. ---

my mom served homemade clam chowder and breadsticks before the super bowl that were both delicious. and then all the snacks and goodies came out for the super bowl. there were all kinds of dips, chips, cookies, candy, soda, and even a vegetable tray. i ate way too much, but stuck to my renewed goal of not eating after 7pm. 

the game was a pretty good one, the commercials were ok, but half time was awesome! brooklyn and i were excited for katy perry's performance but boy was i floored when missy took the stage! i was pumped over it. who wasn't?! i can't help but dance when i hear her music. she killed it and i hope this means there will be some new stuff from her in the near future. 

it's always fun to spend four hours all together, in one room, with so many people i love. we visit, eat, and just enjoy being cozied up together. kendall and cutler aren't quite sure of each other. mostly because kendall just screams in his face, but they did have some good time on the floor rolling around and checking each other out.

totally impossible to get a non-blurred picture of the two of them though.

brooklyn ate her weight in pea pods and swedish fish. she was in heaven! she's already asking when the next super bowl is and if katy perry will be singing again.

h a p p y  m o n d a y !

p.s. we're starting the week off healthy over here. knock on wood!

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