Wednesday, January 28, 2015

saving me

the sickness did not leave our home. kendall got a fever (we're talking 103.1 kind of fever) at 2AM sunday night and again monday night. these were horrible sleepless miserable nights. poor baby. after talking to my FIL (who is a pediatric nurse practitioner) i decided to take her into the doctor. they tested her for the flu but luckily it came back negative. it's a mystery, this virus. i hate it. and i want it to go away. 

after the doctor visit, i got myself some caffeine, and put on a brave face and called my mom. i gave her the update and how the appointment went. i was so down. and just plain exhausted. we are going on week three of sickness around here. no sleep people. serious. a couple hours later she called me back informing me that she and my dad were on their way down to help me. to save me really.

they ordered take out from the mandarin, and took care of everything. my laundry got folded, my dishes done, things straightened up, and of course, they held and loved my girls. they were good company too. james had school until 9:30 so it really meant more than they know to have them come. i was an inch away from having a meltdown/breakdown, but they swooped in and saved the day. brooklyn loved having them there to give her all sorts of attention, and kendall appreciated having someone else hold her besides her mommy. 

i could spend the rest of my life trying to repay my parents for everything they've done for me and i wouldn't even come close. they truly are the greatest and i am so lucky they're mine. 

thanks again mom and dad. i love you and am more grateful for you than you'll ever know.

fingers crossed that maybe we are on the downside of all this yucky sickness...

come on wednesday!

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