Monday, January 26, 2015

pancakes + visitors + sunday

the weekend started off with pancakes. lots of pancakes. macadamia nut pancakes first, and then later, with kayla & judd and haley, blueberry pancakes. i was feeling some pancakes. can't get enough!

there was a last minute sleepover with the crew we had for pancakes and we were thrilled. espeically brooklyn. kayla, haley, and i stayed up late talking and laughing and it was so fun. such a breath of fresh air after two weeks of sickness, whining, and lots of nose wipes. 

in the morning, there was a lot of cereal. thanks winco.

we said goodbye to our visitors, straightened up the place, and then i headed to the gym. a whole week of no work outs did not feel good. i came home, got ready, got the girls ready, and we headed off to dinner with jeremy and chelsea at a nice early dining time. we dined and then met back up at our house for a good chat sesh. the girls played and the adults chatted. nice and low key.

sunday morning came way too quickly. the girls have not been sleeping well which obviously means i'm not sleeping well. it's been pretty miserable. so my kind and loving husband took the girls so i could sleep in. we have one o'clock church now which should always result in sunday morning sleep ins. it was our first sunday at our new ward and it went pretty well. james took the girls home after sacrament meeting (they were coughing too much) and i got to enjoy church without standing in the hall with a baby. relief society was so awesome. great lesson and super nice sisters in the ward. 

the girls were dressed in spring colors for church. i couldn't help myself. i'm ready for spring. january has been so nice and with no snow, i'm ready for the warmer temps and budding flowers. who isn't? and how cute are they? 

the rest of the afternoon/evening was rough. brooklyn was whining/crying almost always, and kendall didn't want to be put down. james was working on homework so i was holding down the fort. ugh. i ended the night with heartburn and a loaf of rice krispy treats. 

after she got some rice krispy treats in her tummy and watched an episode of jake and the neverland pirates, she was back to her happy self. life has been rough and definitely not stable for a long time, and brooklyn has really struggled with it. we're hoping that maybe this week (fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc.) as we get back to our regular routine, she'll be more content.

but if not, there's lots more rice krispy treats up my sleeve.

h a p p y  m o n d a y !

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