Thursday, January 22, 2015


like i mentioned on tuesday, james has been sick. still is a little bit. he's been banished to sleep in brooklyn's room the last two nights. the girls have been sleeping with me and i've ended up sandwiched between them. james has picture proof if you really want to see it. anyway, the cold bug just won't leave our house. it's out stayed it's welcome and we are not happy about it. january has been beautiful and we've been cooped up at home being sicklies. luckily for this mama, i've avoided the worst of it. knock on wood eighty times i don't get it!

the girls are playing together more and more and i love it. kendall gets super bummed when brooklyn is playing with her and then up and leaves the room. she wants so badly to get up and chase after her. darn it. that'll come way too quickly i'm afraid. 

having both of them in high chairs has been awesome! brooklyn really struggles to focus, sit at the table, and eat a meal. keeping her in a high chair really is for the best. she loves kendall's company and vice versa. at night before bed, kendall gets really giggly, and brooklyn can make her belly laugh so hard. it makes james and i laugh so hard, and soon we're all laughing. good happy times.

tonight, we scored some furniture at saver's that i'm way excited about, including this chair that will quickly (hopefully) become our birthday chair. i've wanted to do this since before brooklyn was born and i've always been on the lookout for a specific kind of chair. i was stoked to find it. plus, it was 4.99. not too shabby.

and of course, when i explained to brooklyn what we're doing with it she was so excited! 

h a p p y  t h u r s d a y !

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