Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Life lately...

we enjoyed food, family, and football at my parents' for our annual super bowl party.

i've been making a lot of this soup. james loves it, and i love it, so we'll just keep at it!

january was crazy busy for me with young women's. good thing we have lots of goodies at meetings and awesome ladies to work with!

we've been back to our weekly story time at the library. we even got to have judson come with us!

whit and chuck's pigs were a highlight as well. my girls loved seeing the babies!

brooklyn's highlight of the month was celebrating her half birthday at preschool. she chose to bring capri suns and half donuts for everyone. so healthy. but they gobbled it right up!

we are getting so excited for valentine's day and fun surprise trip to california (DISNEYLAND!) coming up in the next few weeks! lots of get ready and wrap our brains around before we take off. we're also planning our family valentine's dinner that we'll probably have saturday night instead of sunday on the actual holiday. we need our cheesecake factory!

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