Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kendall 19 months

18 month (though technically 19 month) stats

21.8 lbs
30 inches tall

kendall is at such a fun stage right now. she talks, responds, and understands so well! with that being said, she's also the hardest she's ever been. super sassy, major attitude, loves the word no... need i say more? she can hold her own and makes brooklyn cry on a daily basis. but seriously, we can't get enough of her! she wears me out by noon, and by dang i miss her when she's asleep. everything she does is dramatic. the way she walks, talks, eats, everything!

look at that face. pure drama and cuteness all rolled into one.

and she loves her big sister something fierce. she wants to be doing what she's doing, wearing what she's wearing, eating what she's eating, and copying her every move. it's adorable to watch. luckily, brooklyn is pretty patient with her. she shares her dress-ups, dolls, and food pretty willingly. i'm so grateful for that.

recently, keni's been obsessed with the seven dwarfs and snow white. we have the little people set and after being told which dwarf was which, she started making their faces. she watched the movie and is now constantly doing this. she always starts with grumpy, which then leads to happy, and the rest are in random order. it cracks us up every time. brooklyn taught her that doc pushes up his glasses so that's what she's doing in that picture. sleepy, sneezy, and dopey are impossible to get pictures of sadly. 

probably my favorite thing she does right now is yelling for brooklyn when she's not in the same room as her. it. is. the. cutest. she yells with conviction and tries really hard to convince brooklyn she needs her. we have it recorded, but every time she does it i worry it'll be the last. the way she says it is just too cute for words. i can't describe it.

my least favorite thing right now is how picky she's become with her food. she was my good eater! i'm hoping it's a phase. but probably not.

she is very motherly right now. she carries around babies or stuffed animals and always has a blanket for them (usually a wash cloth) and puts them to sleep, feeds them, and rocks them. she also loves to tell me that she's their mama. then immediately points to me and says mama. it melts my heart.

here they are playing in a box. this lasted a good thirty minutes. i was very grateful.

oh this little girl seriously has her mom's heart. she makes me as happy as she does angry. i kiss her a million times a day and can't believe in a few months she won't be my baby anymore. just my sassy toddler sandwiched between two sisters. most of my pictures of her are blurry these days and as much as i want regular good ones, i guess they are the best to showcase that huge personality that fits into her tiny little body.

 keni kate, i love you more than you'll ever know. you make my life so good. i've learned so much from you and continue to every day. you are such a ray of sunshine and i hope you always stay as bubbly and sassy as you are right now at nineteen months old. i love love love you!

another proof of a blurred kendall in a picture. she does not enjoy these weekly pictures.

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