Monday, January 25, 2016

a new year, a new vehicle, and a new...

this past week, we sold this...

(it sold in 4 hours on ksl!)

and bought this...

because we're adding this...

or should i say HER...

to our family at the end of MAY! though my official due date is june 1st.

i would say we're more than excited and feel extremely blessed to get to add another little one to our family. if you had told me five years ago that this is where we'd be right now i wouldn't believe it. it has been a long rough road, definitely less rough than others have had it, but rough nonetheless. i feel so grateful and humble to be given another choice spirit daughter of my Heavenly Father. i am overwhelmed with the thought of raising righteous daughters, but i guarantee you i am up to the task. we will add more pink, and princesses, and sparkle, and tutus with open and willing arms. i am giddy about my girls having each other and i pray daily that they will be best friends. 

as for me, i feel great now. the pregnancy started out rough and i had to be down a lot. it was really hard on kendall and i counted on brooklyn a lot to be a big helper. and boy was she! i really don't know what i'll do when she goes to kindergarten in the fall every day. i feel bigger this time. i have a crazy appetite right now and almost anything and everything sounds delicious! i am still really tired, but so grateful to be in my second trimester and going strong. the weekly pictures that i've done with my previous pregnancies have not been as easy this time and are definitely more sporadic. but we're doing them! so i'll leave those with you to enjoy, and just remember, i'm tired, and bigger. ok?!

a few things i want to remember about this pregnancy (before my pregnant brain forgets it all!):

i found out i was pregnant the day we went to the pumpkin patch right before i went to my second yw's activity (as my new calling) 

i was only nauseated from week 4 to week 6, then it suddenly disappeared - i was scared

i cramped from week 5 to week 17

at my first ultrasound i didn't know for sure how far along i was and to my surprise, i was 10 weeks!

baby has measured right on at every ultrasound

brooklyn has been talking about what to name the baby since our first ultrasound 

i didn't feel her move as early as the others, but found out it's because she's behind the placenta

i first really felt her move at 16 weeks, but not really well until 19 weeks

pregnancy #8 has been a good one for the most part, and i don't think i'll ever be able to fully express how grateful-happy-anxious-humbled-excited i am about it!

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