Friday, October 16, 2015

the pumpkin patch.

i feel like you can never go to pumpkin patches too much during the fall. i really think i wouldn't get sick of going every weekend. i love the atmosphere, the colors, the smells, the excitement of halloween around the corner. seriously, what's not to like?

i convinced my family to go to another one (besides black island farms) last week before i had to go to young women's. it was nice weather, maybe even a little too warm, and the girls loved just running around the pumpkin patch and watching other families pick pumpkins. we decided we needed a couple more to add to the front porch. but pressure was off from picking the perfect ones. ya know, cause we already got those at black island farms. brooklyn really wanted to help. so we let her pick a small one and james and i picked a really good 'cinderella' one. we even picked up a few small ones for the girls to paint later.

it was nice to just follow the girls around and watch them take it all in. kendall loved patting the pumpkins and brooklyn wanted to pick up the biggest ones she could find.

it was short and sweet and that's all i wanted. i definitely obsess over the seasonal activities and traditions and i'm glad my little family doesn't mind indulging me. i just hope i don't wear them all out before brooklyn is even ten. gotta keep it all magical somehow. 

h a p p y  w e e k e n d !

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