Monday, November 16, 2015

carving pumpkins.

man oh man this poor neglected blog! a whole month since i've posted and that means i have so much catching up to do. so, first things first, the rest of our halloween festivities.

carving pumpkins was quick and painless this year. we kind of rushed through it which made me sad, but brooklyn loved it, kendall wasn't too sure, and i think that's all ok. 

kendall did not like pulling the guts out of her pumpkin

brooklyn used the spoon method. the whole time she kept saying hers was going to be the scariest jack-o-lantern ever. she was pumped about it.

james is always a good sport about these things and helped me with the girls' and mine. we didn't do anything fancy this year and they were about as plain as could be, but at least we did it right?

the girls loved watching them light up and wanted to stay out there all night. they kept oohing and aahing and it made it all worth it. hopefully next year we'll have something more creative up our sleeves.

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