Monday, November 16, 2015

october activities. a lot of them.

this will be the big catch up post leading up to actual halloween day. we packed a lot in during october and november first definitely had us breathing a sigh of relief. i slapped these pictures on without editing them so they are horrible quality as most of them are from my phone. 

ward halloween carnival - 

brooklyn of course had to get her face painted. she and kendall were taken by young women around to every game and loved every second. crying when we had to leave.

pumpkin patch with cousins, aunts, and grandma! my girls were in heaven getting to go to the pumpkin patch again, and this time with cousins. they loved it.

we went with a group of friends to tour the mrs. cavanaugh's chocolate factory. brooklyn loved being with friends but didn't love the chocolate samples. kendall and i took care of them for her.

the monday before halloween we had a party with friends and the kids all came in their costumes. we ate chilis, soups, and all kinds of desserts. james and i brought homemade root beer that exploded all over our kitchen before hand. stickiest mess i've ever seen.

here's brooklyn taking a whack at the pinata.

hotel transylvania 2. probably the last movie kendall will go to for awhile. james ended up in the hall with her for about forty minutes of it. brooklyn loved it though, and i thought it was cute, so well worth our $5 tickets.

brooklyn participated in her first primary program and my parents made the drive to come support her. they even brought dinner with them to feed us afterward. talk about lucky!

brooklyn said her part, "i'll honor his name", sang most of the songs, and provided some good entertainment for the congregation. oh boy. she's got a lot of her dad in her. ;)

centerville hosts a pumpkin walk and we decided last minute to go. i was hopeful for something like logan's pumpkin walk but was sorely disappointed. but, they did serve cotton candy, popcorn, and hot chocolate so my girls were in heaven. we'll go back next year just for that.

brooklyn was so excited to spot a jake and the neverland pirates pumpkin. 

see what i mean by a busy month? phew. next up, trick-or-treating.

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