Monday, November 16, 2015

halloween 2015.

trick-or-treating started the day before halloween at mckay dee hospital. our running tradition for the last three years. but this was our last as james has taken a new job. we were glad kendall got in on the action for at least one year. 

she absolutely loved it and brooklyn held her hand the whole time. they got the "trick-or-treat" and "thank yous" down by the end and both of them were sad when it was time to head home.

brooklyn was a 'pirate fairy' (thank you costco!) and kendall a cute little baby elephant. people could not get enough of her both days of trick-or-treating. they all thought she was just adorable. and she was.

saturday, the girls and i slept in while james went to help people move, then we all showered up and got ready for the day and headed to mcdonald's to get them their once a year $1.99 happy meal. brooklyn remembered doing this last year so she was especially excited.

then it was home for naps and then down to main street to do some more trick-or-treating. this time with the other ruesch clan. the girls looked so cute walking down the street together in their costumes. and yes, kendall loved it. don't let that scowl fool you.

brooklyn ran into her cute little friend emma and thought that was the best!

right before we called it quits, kendall was invited to be entered in the costume contest for cutest costume. i'm telling you, people could not get enough of her in that! we're guessing she didn't win, because it's the middle of november and we still haven't heard anything. oh well. she was the cutest little elephant to us!

after trick-or-treating, we went to a ward/neighborhood halloween dinner. we have great people in our ward! we visited with friends, ate a little, and then headed home. we were actually having chili and cornbread with jeremy and chelsea as part of our halloween traditions. it was nice to end the night a little early and just relax, eat, and visit.

it wouldn't be complete without 'faux' caramel apples: aka grapes dipped in caramel and pecans. delish! try it!

the day after halloween, i woke up and promptly pulled everything halloween off the walls. i always love having it up, but am more  than ready every year to get it down. then my house can look a little bear until i decorate for christmas at the end of november. thanksgiving can't come soon enough!

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