Thursday, November 19, 2015


if you're wondering what fall in bountiful is like, well, it's leafy. with lots of mature trees around, we're surrounded by leaves! it's a child's playground out there! multiple times this week, brooklyn has gone out and raked piles of leaves just so she could jump in them, make 'leaf angels', and throw them up in the air. and when she's done, she comes in for a nice cup of hot chocolate.

we've taken our halloween books down and replaced them with books about thanksgiving, and eating in general. we've also brought out all the wintry snowy books. i can honestly say, i love every single one of these books!

kendall loves getting to go outside and play in the leaves. she just kind of watches brooklyn and laughs. it's so cute.

these two have the best time together. as long as brooklyn isn't being too bossy and kendall is being patient, they get along just swimmingly.

they sure do love each other.

h a p p y  almost  f r i d a y !

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