Tuesday, October 7, 2014

october traditions

all our fall/halloween decor is up and tonight was our annual "ichabod/chocolate waffles night". i really need to come up with a better name. i'll work on that for next year. we had friends and family over for chocolate waffles/ice cream/caramel and to watch ichabod crane. outside!!! my favorite way to do it. we found a very generous family in our ward that owns one and we were able to borrow it for the night. it seriously makes this tradition so much better! i love using a projector outside.

besides watching the movie inside or outside depending on the circumstances, i don't think the tradition of the chocolate waffles will ever change. unless maybe we make them pumpkin waffles. they're so good!

the weather was perfect for a movie outside. it was cool, but not too cool. it really was a beautiful october night.

and how cute are they?

enjoying one of my favorite traditions of the year!

our favorite neighbors. 

jeremy and his gang showed up a little later to complete the get together. 

thank you to everyone who came to make this silly tradition so much fun for me!

and especially to my sister haley for coming hours earlier to help me housework, my kids, and getting everything ready for the night.

i love the picture below. i only wish we were all smiling. i feel like this depicts my every day life. totally captures it!

^^^my blue eyed girl and my gold bat shirt from wal-mart. love them both.^^^

i already can't wait for next year. but this especially makes me excited as it kicks off the awesome holiday season. and having kids around makes the holidays so much more fun!

until next year ichabod. {last year. the year before. and the first year of the tradition.}

h a p p y  halloween  s e a s o n !

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