Monday, October 13, 2014

another weekend in october.

how was our week?

no, it really was good. i just love that sweet little mad look on her face. it's almost always there. i love it. our week was pretty good. we did have to go into the doctor really quick so brooklyn's ginormous mosquito bites could get checked out, and we also got our flu vaccinations. all happy at the end.

the leaves on all the trees are killing it lately. the one in our front yard is especially my favorite. and so far this fall, this is the only picture i have of it. i really need to get some better ones before the leaves are all gone.

there's that face again.

thursday evening, chelsea and i had a child free evening (thanks to james and my MIL) and got to go shower one of our friends who is about to have a baby girl in november. so exciting. it was fun to see her for a little bit and get to have some girl talk.

the weekend brought some relaxing and also some projects around the house. we even made a quick trip to logan to tail gate before the homecoming game (which we did not stay for). james's mba program was hosting, and all of brookyln's dreams came true when she saw a table full of donuts and hot chocolate. two of her favorite foods. it was so fun to be up in logan again. dinner at the bluebird and reminiscing all the way there. 

we headed home so that we could watch the game. we only made it to half time and then we all headed to bed. i felt like i'd run a marathon that day.

sunday was a quick trip to coalville for my nephew's blessing. that sweet little guy. didn't make a peep the whole time. in fact, he mostly slept through his dinner too. delicious food by the way.

haley has been here the last two nights and such a HUGE help. she's such a good little helper to me. we love when she's here. the girls love her too. thanks to her help, i got lots done this week and will be able to start my monday off right. i do have signs of a cold, including a sore throat, but hopefully the week will be a good one. 

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

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