Wednesday, October 2, 2013

october first tradition.

homemade root beer, chocolate waffles covered in ice cream and caramel, popcorn, ichabod crane (the headless horsemen movie), and lots of family to enjoy it with. this tradition is one i look forward to all year round. 2012  2011

all of my siblings and a couple of my in laws were able to make it. i was so happy they came! dev and kenz came a little early because they had to leave a little early. they're so responsible in keeping up on their studying/labs/homework. way to go you two!

i was extra excited when this little miss showed up. my goodness i could just eat her up!

i got pictures of everything except the waffles. THE BEST PART. my goodness. but you can imagine them right?

greasy buttery popcorn is what's inside the brown paper bags. to eat during the movie of course.

enjoying the movie. brooklyn definitely got more into it this year than last. she was content with her own bag of popcorn and a seat next to grandma.

it was all over so fast. jeremy and chels came a little later. we all chatted and then sent everyone on their way. i love living close enough to my family that they are able to come share in these traditions.

i meant for our little family to get a picture but everything got cleaned up, clothes turned into pajamas and comfy sweats, and then it was too late. we'll make up for it. i can't believe i didn't get one. what's more important is the memories. right? you know how i feel about traditions. they make me happy. bottom line. traditions are what make the world go round. 

h a p p y  w e d n e s d a y

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