Thursday, October 3, 2013

flu shot...

it ended up being a pretty easy task for the most part. they got us in quickly. brooklyn got a sticker before her shot, after the shot, and a sucker to seal the deal. she cried her broken hearted cry for about five seconds and the nurse was awesome to swoop in there and offer another sticker. she went with an ariel sticker (of course) and a buzz lightyear sticker (toy story is a new favorite). she chose a blue sucker and had it gone by the time we got into the car. she thought it was a pretty fun errand.

she was even happy enough to accompany me to target just to stand in the 'take back' line. i rewarded both of us with a stop at the library on the way home (a donut might have been a better reward, but the library is way fewer calories).

we got home and she requested mac and cheese for lunch. she isn't much of a lunch eater. breakfast is her favorite meal. so when she makes a request, i'm on it. a full tummy means a better/longer nap for her. it didn't take her long to go out after her last bite of mac and cheese. 

sometimes i'm overwhelmed by this whole motherly responsibility idea sometimes. i'm responsible for the well being of this little person and it. is. scary. am i doing everything right? is she eating enough vegetables? am i teaching her to be kind? is she bored? am i boring? am i teaching her enough? and the list could go on and on. some days i am better at being a mom than others. some days i really stink at being a mom. i feel guilty. i feel bad that brooklyn has to put up with me on these days. 

but some days, you guys, i really really try hard to be a good mom. i make sure she eats three healthy meals, we read for twenty minutes, she gets to play outside a couple times, she takes a good nap, i brush her teeth, i play with her, and those days are so good. they're not every day. they feel good. those days. they definitely over power the bad ones. the ones in between are great too. every day can't be good. the bad ones really make me love the good ones. 

here's to hoping that there are always more good days than bad and that the ones in between will at least leave the little person i'm in charge of with a smile on her face and a happy heart. because THAT is the most important of all.

h a p p y  t h u r s d a y

p.s. please let this be the last post of the year that the f word (FLU) will be used on this blog. fingers crossed.

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