Monday, October 7, 2013

conference weekend oct 2013

conference weekend is always rejuvenating and exhausting all at the same time. i love it. it's seriously the best medicine every six months. i feel spiritually fed and most definitely physically fed. completely full. clear to the tip top of my head. woo.

the weekend started friday morning running some errands with nana (my MIL lisa). we stopped at a cute little vintage revival store and brooklyn was in love with this kitchen. she was so sad to leave the kitchen when it was time to go.

that night i decided we needed some soup in bread bowls while we watched the utah state/byu game (stupid stupid game). it totally hit the spot. definitely the best part of the night.

saturday morning started bright and early for james and me with a run to kent's market to take advantage of some awesome deals. we're talking huge packs of meat (including salmon!), frozen soups, and big bags 'o flour. 

james went to play football and i was off on a jog. the morning moved pretty quickly because conference started at ten and getting brooklyn and i ready for the day + getting homemade bread rising takes a little while. but we did it. phew. and conference was enjoyable. 

that night, james & jeremy headed to the priesthood session, and my MIL, chelsea, brooklyn, and i headed out for a girls night. we hit up tai pan, target, and rumbi grill for some din din. it was so fun hanging out, shopping, and chatting. brooklyn loved being along for the ride and it such a champ at shopping. she loves it.

sunday morning we headed over the mountain to coalville to watch conference with the holmes crew. there were butterscotch rolls (as per tradition), enchiladas, homemade peach pie, and loads of candy. my stomach hurts just typing it. thank goodness this only goes down twice a year.

we were all so well fed, in every sense of the word. i really couldn't pick a favorite talk. not just one. so many of the messages were wonderful and i look forward to reading them over again. 

sunday was beautiful. the sun was out and shining, the air was crisp, and brooklyn wanted to soak it all up. she got my mom, sister, and i out there to watch her just run around for awhile and she was just tickled. then she promptly wanted to go back inside. we spent the rest of the evening just relaxing. the way sunday evenings should be. another conference weekend that can be chalked up as a great one. i most definitely look forward to the next one. 

ok, this sweater. 

you guys! it was one of those finds that i couldn't scoop up fast enough. i saw it. fell in love. bought it. and then i waited to wear it. it wasn't cool enough. so i waited. then the cool air came and i've been wearing it a lot. like, all weekend a lot. i love it love it. it really is sad how happy an item of clothing can make me, but hey, it's the little things right? 

so just know, you'll be seeing it a lot this fall and winter. basically, i'll be wearing it until march.

h a p p y  m o n d a y

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