Tuesday, October 8, 2013

wardrobe change.

as per usual, i'm super excited for halloween. i love all the traditions leading up to it. especially pumpkin carving and donut eating. i love the change in the air and in the colors. but most especially i love the change in wardrobe. i tire of my summer clothes so fast. i don't feel put together and i feel sticky and sweaty most of the time. don't get me wrong, i love summertime. but fall is the whole package. the cool air, the food, all things pumpkin, halloween, and the clothes. 

i love dressing brooklyn up just as much. tights, sweaters, and boots just scream at me in the stores and i literally have to drag myself away from them. everything in a smaller size is just so much more tempting. and luckily, brooklyn is a hat girl. she loves to throw on any hat i hand her or any hat she can get her hands on for that matter. 

^her daddy bought her the puppy hat. which she adores.^

the outfit in the pictures is not one that i love putting together. but i think she looks adorable just the same. she had to have a fluffy on, therefore, her bare legs needed to be covered with cute printed leggings, and toms to keep her toes warm. then we added her cute fall coat and that puppy hat to top it all off with. she was thrilled. her 'fluffy' swished back and forth as she ran as fast as she could down the sidewalk. all the while she'd be looking down at it just delighted to see all that pink fluffing up around her. such a girl.

^i took this one just as a huge loud truck drove by. she is so distractable.^

life here is pretty normal. other than the fact that we're on the edge of our seats waiting for brooklyn's first ruesch cousin to be born. pins and needles i tell you. come on baby ellie! chelsea has everything ready and we're all anxious to get that baby safely here. probably none of us more than chelsea. but hey, we're still anxious!

h a p p y  t u e s d a y 

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