Friday, October 5, 2012

october traditions.

last night was the first of our october traditions. oh my goodness i love october. i was giddy all day just  thinking about it. when james got home from work, he did all the technical stuff, and i made up the paper chains. happy happy times.

we enjoyed a yummy fall meal by my MIL and then had the chocolate waffles and ice cream. i could eat those every night. but i won't. that would not be good. brooklyn loved them almost as much as i did. but she wanted to eat hers off of aunt chelsea's plate. 

the night was chilly and cozy. we hauled blankets and pillows out to the tramp and hunkered down to watch a little ichabod crane. a childhood favorite. i really hope my kids end up loving it as much as i do. that and hocus pocus!

it turned out to be such a fun evening. brooklyn behaved better than i thought and she even sat and watched the last thirty minutes, shaking her head at the scary parts and saying no no no. silly girl. i loved it. 

traditions. i'm all about traditions. they make me more happy than almost anything. i want my children to grow up with memories of fun traditions that make them reflect back on their childhood with happy hearts. 

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