Thursday, October 4, 2012

just a day.

gosh, yesterday was nice. brooklyn and i ate breakfast on the front porch again and then basically spent the day outside, after baths and a nap of course. it was so nice today. not only was the weather beautiful, but i got a huge surprise when my MIL got home from salt lake. she brought me coconut cake from plates and palates. if you've never had it, you are missing out. i basically devoured my piece and with only a few bites left, i realized i should maybe save some for my husband. i wanted him to fall in love with it as well. he gave it a nine (out of 10). i'd say mission completed.

later in the afternoon, we went to black island farms to pick pumpkins and load up on some veggies. the place is huge. we got there before it actually opened and just let brooklyn explore the place. she was in heaven. rocks everywhere and so much space to run around she could hardly stand it. can't wait to go back and do the hay rides and giant slide. 

the evening brought a ward activity of sorts. it was the yw/ym dinner and auction. i had some yummy fettuccine alfredo and found out that brooklyn loves the stuff. totally my daughter. we enjoyed the fun photo booth they had and also the entertainment.


fresh produce, a local high school acapella group, totally stole my heart. gosh those boys could sing. if you need some entertainment for a sweet 16, a bbq, or any other gathering for that matter, these are the boys to call. just adorable!

the rest of the evening was pretty low key. i very much appreciated it. brooklyn and i read stories and sang songs while everyone else helped clean up. she's growing up way too fast. i think she's been growing extra lately because she hardly looks like a baby anymore. except for her lack of hair. 

and stories are her favorite way to end the night. oh and going outside to say goodnight to the moon. she obsessed.



a fun october tradition.

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