Wednesday, October 3, 2012


last night, i helped my hubby makes these...

he served his mission in argentina and fell in love with empanadas. i feel bad this is the first time we've ever made them. he has always raved about them.

so, i browned the meat and he, well, he built them.

they were fantastic and super filling.

oh ya, and i ate two of them. no bueno.

thanks hun.

in other news, grandma lisa put up halloween decor today and brooklyn had a hay day. her favorite of the day was this singing (and moving) haunted tree with two little adorable owls popping up and down. it sings to the tune of the addams family theme song. it will be stuck in my head probably until october 31st. that or the songs on the halloween wee sing cd i started playing today. brooklyn kept signing "more more", so we listened to it again and again. this cd has 50 tracks, and we made it to number 15.

during the day, it definitely hasn't felt like october is here. yesterday morning brooklyn and i ate breakfast on the front steps in the sunshine. most of our day was spent outside. i'm ready for cooler weather, but not ready to keep my little all cooped up in the house. this mom better get creative huh?

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