Tuesday, October 2, 2012

october begins.

yesterday was laundry day. but don't feel too bad for me. i got to watch the two hour season premiere of law and order: svu (my in-laws have DVR). bless that DVR. 

james got home and promptly changed his clothes so that he could mow the lawn for his dad. after all, who wants to do yard work on their birthday?

brooklyn enjoyed being outside, walking around in bare feet, and crunching the leaves with her little toes. she was super excited to see grandpa and give him birthday loves.

it was a nice relaxing evening. i welcome october with sweater covered open arms and a big wet kiss on the cheek. ahh. what a great month this is. our october family traditions will kick off on thursday. that's the plan anyway. there is lots of fun in store in the next few weeks, but we love lazy evenings. even if it does involve running a few errands.

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