Monday, October 1, 2012

last september weekend.

(borrowed this pic from you steph!)

we lunched @ the burger barn. amazing fries.

shopped tj maxx.

watched the byu/hawaii game.

drove to bear lake for james' uncle's wedding.

stopped in {dear to my heart} logan.

lunched at old grist mill and picnicked at the tabernacle.

enjoyed the view of bear lake from our condo.

relaxed until the wedding.

beautiful wedding.

ate some delicious food.

caramel apples.

girls' movie night: charlie st. cloud.

late night talks.

slept in.


breathtaking views on both drives. 

autumn colors out in full force.

season premiere of once upon a time.

ready for a new week.

welcome october!


happy happy birthday to my FIL today! 

h a v e  a g r e a t  d a y !

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