Monday, October 6, 2014

conference weekend + fall so far

happy october! we are already five days in and i can hardly believe it. i love the cooler weather, pumpkin candles, and halloween right around the corner. brooklyn asks every day if it's time to go trick-or-treating. she also says that i am going to dress-up as a cat, and that kendall can't be a giraffe because it has nothing to do with halloween. 

our ward had our annual pumpkin pickin' at the ward garden this past monday. i love this tradition and really think it's the best. we are lucky enough to have a fabulous photographer in the ward who shares her talents and takes family pictures in front of the festive pumpkin stalk background. 

my MIL is here from hawaii and i've been learning the process of looking for and buying a house. she's a pro and hopefully i'll remember all the good tips i've learned. it is definitely something i look forward to and dread all at once. 

our halloween decorations are up and the girls have been sporting black and orange all week. we just can't help ourselves. 

we loved conference weekend and it went too fast. instead of baking bread, i made chocolate zucchini bread. my favorite!

we celebrated james' birthday with my family between the sunday sessions. his dinner request was chicken alfredo and tres leches cake for dessert. it was my mom's first go at tres leches cake and she totally nailed it. james was thrilled.

cutler is starting to get a little chub on him but kendall is definitely winning the chubby race. 

conference weekend always involves naps. i love this one of haley with kendall...

and this one of whitney and cutler. so cute!

brooklyn and livi played in their undies most of the day and made messes all throughout my parents' house. little tornadoes. 

my cute cousins were getting rid of this doll house and it ended up at my mom's. the girls love it!

life is good right now. we've moved into some good routines in the past month, james is in the depths of school, and we're gobbling up everything fall that we can.

like caramel apple spice drinks from starbucks. it's apple cider topped with whipped cream and caramel. heaven i tell you.

our front porch is bursting with pumpkins, our beds are begging for flannel sheets, and my girls are growing like weeds. life is good. life is sweet. the every day is oh so good. even when it's full of chaos. i love it. oh so much!

h a p p y  m o n d a y !

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