Monday, September 29, 2014

a fun fall birthday weekend

we had a great time celebrating our husband/daddy this weekend. it was the big 2-8 for him and we celebrated like it. friday afternoon, we met up with jeremy & chelsea (ellie), and lisa for burgers and shakes at red robin. brooklyn ate mac and cheese and broccoli and was thrilled about it. until she ran into a chair as we were leaving the restaurant, giving her a nice little shiner to sport the rest of the weekend.

i know i should start this post out with a picture of the birthday boy, but this one of the girls melts my heart. so i know he'll love it too. this was right before we left the house for black island farms. they both have pleasant looks on their faces and are donning stripes. i love it.

the sky was looking a little iffy on our way out there and we even had a few rain drops. luckily, we stuck it out and had such a fun evening at black island farms.

complete with animals, pig races, hay slides, the cow/pig train, and our favorite part, the pumpkin patch ride, this place is definitely our favorite place to kick off the fall season (and to celebrate a birthday).

brooklyn's pig "won" the race and she was ecstatic to get that pig nose.

luck was on his side, he hit the pig and won a pumpkin. he chose a massive one.

i headed to the car to nurse kendall during the next part. but the corn box, who wouldn't love the corn box? kids' dream right?

kendall was happy to be fed and join the festivities after missing most it. she was awake for the best part though. minus the mosquitoes.

these two will be running around together before we know it!

kendall loved the ride out there. the ride back, not so much.

we got five pumpkins to take home with us (including the one james won). they are all different sizes and shapes and we can't wait to carve them in a few weeks! brooklyn loved getting to pick out her very own pumpkin.

our 'pumpkin porch' is officially on for the fall and i love it.

after black island farms and kisses to their wives and babes, the birthday boys went to boondocks to do a little go-cart racing and guy stuff like that. i'd say their birthday was a pretty darn good one. we loved celebrating with them and look forward to lots more birthdays just like this last one.

their birthdays wouldn't be complete without cake, and more specifically, tres leches cake. their favorite.

h a p p y  b i r t h d a y  james burdell

we love you!

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