Tuesday, September 23, 2014

a pirate + cokeville weekend

this weekend was full! we missed james while he was in florida for work, but the girls and i had a blast dressing up like pirates for donuts, spending time in coalville (and stuffing our faces with awesome mexican food), and then in cokeville with lots of family (and more good food).

brooklyn talked about 'pirate day' for a year. she was so pumped for it to finally be here again. donuts are her love language and so are her friends. she loved having her friends there, along with a surprise visit from her nana and great grandma.

^the awesome mexican food i mentioned. if you are ever near coalville, stop by neena's. you won't be disappointed.^

kendall was dressed like a pirate as well, but by the time we got to coalville her outfit became a little more halloween chic. and yes, her legs are getting chubbier by the minute and i can't even hardly take it! i love those rolls more than anything else.

i got in some killer work-outs with my mom and also spent a little bit of saturday helping her clean her blinds. definitely time well spent. she and i, and the my girls drove to cokeville together and it was quite a pleasant drive. my girls were both good, we munched on cheetos, and then had a wonderful dinner waiting for us at my grandma's. brooklyn loves cokeville because she loves to be with my cousins and have so much attention from everyone. 

my cousin britt and her cute baby were there and it was so good to spend a little time with them. annalise is such a dolly! oh my gosh. 

the girls and i had a rough night that night. they wanted to cuddle me, i had a runny nose/sore throat combo, and morning couldn't have come soon enough. luckily for me, they both woke up so happy. it makes all the rough nights worth it. 

cokeville was so beautiful sunday morning. it felt so much like fall that i wanted to cry. i had to grab my camera and run outside to snap a few pictures. but i really couldn't capture it. the air was crisp, it smelled amazing, and those colors!

we were in cokeville to listen to my cousin report his mission. gosh he's such a good kid. man i should call him now. his report was so good and i just love him to pieces. i love him and his other five siblings so much that i had to get a picture of them. they are all good people and good looking to boot. am i wrong? 

(if you know the name stewart petersen/think:where the red fern grows/ this is his beautiful posterity)

we exited cokeville quickly with my parents and got home as quickly as we could to see james. we quickly unpacked and then just spent the rest of the evening together as a family. james had monday off so we made a big breakfast, complete with a new buttermilk pancake recipe i've been dying to try. my MIL is staying with us, so after breakfast, she and james wrangled the girls so that i could go on a quick jog. it felt good. 

after breakfast was cleared up, baths were taken, and babies were nursed, we packed up and headed to the castle park in kaysville. brooklyn was so excited. we haven't been back since the first time we'd been. she loved it. chelsea and ellie met us there and we had a grand ol time. the weather was perfect and the girls wore themselves out during the couple hours we were there. i love parks for that!

we're looking forward to the week ahead, including james' birthday. we have some fun things planned! we also look forward to cooler weather and falling leaves so that we can finally put on our boots and sweaters. fall is officially here and we're so happy about it!

h a p p y  t u e s d a y 

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