Wednesday, September 17, 2014

a night of reading

monday night we got to go as a family (minus kendall) to my dad's reading foundation kick-off. and just in case you read this and didn't know, my dad is the superintendent of the school district in the community my parents live in. he was an english major and reading in our home was always important, not just to him, but to my mom as well. we were always read to and i am so grateful. 

so, my dad decided to start a reading foundation. 

the night was a success. there were four different stations and we rotated every fifteen minutes, with information mostly for parents on how to read to your child and why it's important. brooklyn was so good and sat through all of it. james and i walked away with two new books, a summit county library card, a t-shirt for brooklyn & a onesie for kendall, and lots of new ideas about reading to our children. the most important thing of all: read to your child 20 minutes EVERY DAY!

thanks again to my dad, his committee, and the presenters, and my mom for watching kendall so we could really sit and listen to the presenters.

h a p p y  r e a d i n g 

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