Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2 year old photog skills

yesterday, brooklyn and i got to have lunch with james at the hospital. that hospital food. sometimes, i just need it. seeing james during the day is definitely a perk too. he invited us down for lunch mostly because he works alone on tuesdays and it's nice to have something to look forward to AND to break up the day. i won't pass it down.

the weather was beautiful and breezy so we ate outside. then we snapped some photos with my phone. we wanted one of just us (james and i) so we thought maybe we could get brooklyn to take some of us... here's what we got...


we just settled for one of brooklyn and me. and who am i kidding, it's not even settling. pictures with her in them are the most precious. someday, soon i'm sure, she'll be taking pictures for us and of us left and right. she's growing up really too quickly. i joined that little girl and her daddy on their nightly excursion to lock up the church last night. such a sweet sight. i stayed out in the car, but had a perfect view into the church and down the hall. i watched that tiny little person follow right behind her daddy helping him check all the rooms and shut the doors. after they were done, she pulled a chair out of one of the rooms, put it right next to the drinking fountain, and rewarded herself with a big refreshing drink of water for all her hard work. i was smiling so hard it hurt. she was proud of herself. so big. so so big. 


 james' uncle passed away early tuesday morning after suffering with many health issues. he was the most giving man i have ever met. he and his wife always made james and his siblings and cousins homemade toys for their birthdays every year. how sweet is that? we're talking cool stuff like gum ball machines and yo-yo's. we got our dutch ovens from him. he was a pro at dutch oven cooking. he even wrote a book about it. he passed away peacefully surrounded by loved ones. as sad as death and funerals can be, it's bringing my in-laws to the mainland. we'll be seeing them early saturday morning. james is so excited to watch the byu/utah game with them. it will just be plain good to have them around. brooklyn will be so excited to see them!

time to finish my fall cleaning check list! cream gables has some sleepover guests coming.

h a p p y  w e d n e s d a y 

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