Thursday, September 19, 2013

it's beginning to feel a lot like FALL!

or autumn. whichever.

it's thursday?! holy cow it's thursday. this week is flying by. i really didn't think it would. not with the official first day of fall this weekened. what what! i'm so excited to be able to legitimately say 'it is FALL!", or, "it is AUTUMN!". whichever i'm in the mood for at the moment. 
yesterday was totally a fall feeling day. the weather stayed cool all day long. brooklyn ate it up. she really can't stand to be outside longer than twenty minutes when it's hot outside. she's already loving fall. squealing, running around, and all with a blanket on her head. she pretends it's her hair. with it being cool outside, it kind of acted as a beenie. speaking of, pumpkins have made their home on my porch (along with a corn stalk and other things i'll show you later). i found bins and bins of pumpkins yesterday morning and i was like a kid in a candy store. i wanted to bring them all home with me... but i settled for three little cute ones. don't worry, i'm going back for the larger ones later. we'll see how long i can wait. tick tock. tick tock. 
because brooklyn put up with a whole day of her mommy cleaning and organizing, james thought we owed her a movie. at the real theatre. so we met up with jeremy and chels at the kaysville theatre to see turbo. totally cute. brooklyn was cheering turbo on in the end and it was super cute. kinda loud. but super cute. thank goodness her aunt and uncle supplied her with plenty of popcorn and soda or we might not have made it through the movie. note to self: brooklyn needs popcorn. lots of it. 

look at that face.

h a p p y  t h u r s d a y 

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