Friday, April 26, 2013

cream gables #1

when it comes right down to it, i'm a romantic. and even more than the type of just liking things involving romance and love and all that. i romanticize everything. and by that i mean EVERYTHING. i play out going to the grocery store in my head before i even go in. i picture myself looking all put together and brooklyn acting like an angel. i romanticize that the produce section will look like the garden of eden and that i'll pick the most succulent fruit this side of the mississippi. does that give you a good picture of how 'romantic' i am?


of course i'm going to give my house a name. all of the good books i read have their characters' homes' named. all over the place. i've read these books for years and years, and now and i finally feel like i'm in a home i want to name. our last apartment was cozy and cute, but i just couldn't think of a name. i really couldn't. so one night, even before we actually moved into this current house, i told james i'd come up with a name for it. he was kind of weirded out a little and just kind of rolled his eyes and went along with it. such a good sport! he puts up with a lot of romanticizing!

cream gables came to be out of the corners of my brain and i'm really not sure what even brought it on. i've always loved the word gables. anne of green gables? love it. love it. gables just sounds homey and cozy doesn't it? and cream... well, we can say cream comes from the color of the kitchen cabinets. i love those cabinets. they could be bigger, but they look pretty. so yes, let's say cream comes from the color of the kitchen cabinets and now, my coffee table (the same cream as the cabinets).

i haven't wanted to post pictures of my projects until they were completely finished. but honestly, i don't think i'll ever be finished. there will always be room for another frame on the wall or a pillow on the couch, and i just don't have the budget (or sanity) to do it all in one whack. it will always be a work in progress. so, without further ado, after all the painting and scheming... here is our front room/living room and entry way.with a little brookie on the side.

(that's just the beginning of a gallery wall up there)

(curtains need hemming)

(kind of blurry. i'll have to do a retake of this bad boy)

(be kind... - our family motto. also, take note, the small cluster of round mirrors on the left side of the door. we're vain at cream gables and need to do self checks before we walk out the door.)

there you have it. the main part of cream gables that's been getting a fresh new coat of paint and all the redecorating. it's been fun, but i'm glad to be this far. i love sitting in this part of the house and just kicking back. the colors make me happy. i hope people are happy when they visit my house. cream gables is happy to have visitors, and so are we. so come on by any time, have a seat, relax, and i'll get you some lemonade (cocoa if it's cold out).


p.s. brooklyn is 21 months old today! what?!!!

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katie said...

This room looks amazing! I love the mint color...