Monday, April 29, 2013

sunday barbeque.

our weekend was spent in coalville with my family. we did what we usually do: talk, eat, and then do that all over again a couple hundred times. it's good. just how i like it.

whit and i made a trip to park city to do a little shopping. two words. world market. i'm addicted! yep. addicted. great store. i can't wait to go back.

sunday morning after i got out of the shower (back at cream gables), i realized i had left my curling iron back in coalville. ugh. i hate leaving things behind. i really do. i thought i'd done a great sweep of my parents' house before i left, but lo and behold, i always forget something.

i called my mom. she confirmed that the curling iron had been left behind. drat. james suggested they come over for a bbq and bring the curling iron with them. perfect. it worked out great. once april hits, james and i have a habit/more of an obsession of having bbq food around. we're stocked up. Burgers, baked beans, chips, and all the paper goods. boy were we glad to be ready to roll for an on the spot bbq. i let all my other siblings know about it and waited for responses. i only heard back from whit and her little family was the only other of the holmes clan to make it. we missed kayla and dev and kenz, but hope they'll be at the next one. it's just not the same without you guys!!!

dinner was grand. the weather was so nice. we ate and then stayed outside for the rest of the evening. and we topped it off with brownie sundaes. we loved having everyone over, but it's always so sad when they leave. the next week is looking us straight in the eye. that's right, i'm talkin' to you monday! and we just love having the company. we're loving being in an actual house, even though we miss our t-ville apartment some days, because of the room it gives us to host people. 

we can't wait for all of the bbq's/dinner parties/movie parties cream gables will be hosting this summer. oh summer. love you. love you. love. you.


h a p p y  m o n d a y

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