Thursday, April 25, 2013

a balloon and taco salad.

we started the day off by scraping the bottom of the cookie butter jar. this is never good. luckily, brooklyn didn't notice too much. her waffles were just a 'tad' dry. also, i promise she eats other stuff for breakfast...i just happen to write about cookie butter on the days she eats it. anyway, i opted for a whole wheat waffle smothered with peanut butter and topped with slices of banana. it hit the spot. it really did.

brooklyn followed me around while i straightened up the house. it super duper needed it and i felt like a new woman when the three main rooms in my house were clean (including my bed being made. always made!). i threw brooklyn in the tub and crossed my fingers she wouldn't have another panic attack if a hair or some other foreign object in the tub started inching toward her. this happened on tuesday and i couldn't help but laugh at first, but she was literally and truly scared. kinda sad. and yep, it happened again today. i'm not sure where this is coming from but it's brand new and i can't think of anything that would've sparked it. it's crazy though.

after those shenanigans, we met up with james to do a little mother's day shopping. for me! he's the sweetest. he knows i really like to pick out what i get. he really is good at surprising me too, but this year he went with the ol' 'give me a limit and go for it' kinda deal. i'd say we were super successful, and quick to boot! i don't mess around when it comes to shopping. i'm in and out!

we kissed james goodbye and brooklyn and i headed to jamba juice for lunch. something about a warm day and wanting to completely avoid grease and meat. jamba hit the spot! it always does. and brooklyn walked outta there the proud owner of a bright red-ish pink-ish balloon. she was thrilled.

a balloon and a smoothie. that makes for one happy toddler right there. she can seriously down a smoothie all on her own. no joke. 

she didn't even cry when her scatter brained mommy let the balloon fly out of the car when we got home. instead, she waved to it and said 'bye bye'. i was thrilled with that reaction. i'd mentally prepared myself for a tantrum. but hallelujah, we were happy about it!

we picnicked on the front lawn. smoothies, crackers, and brooklyn make for a very messy yet adorable picnic.

then it was a nap for brooklyn (almost two hours, YES!) and another painting project for me. i even had twenty minutes after i was all done to read some of my new book and chit chat with the missionaries at the front door. those cute young boys. 

brooklyn woke up and wanted to be outside. can ya blame her?! we stayed outside until i absolutely had to go in and start dinner. my mom and sister were on their way, as was my hubby. it was taco salad with quinoa for dinner and it was a hit. it was the perfect meal for the weather today. they went together nicely. 

my mom entertained brooklyn, haley got her new phone all situated, james did some computer stuff, and i just enjoyed the company. i was ready to sit and veg for a little while. which i ended up doing for the rest of the night. the three of us. it's so nice. no where to go and nothing that has to be done right this instant. ahh. just bliss. really. 

oh, and my mom got her first smart phone. fun to teach her all about that. :)


thanks so much for the book recommendations! keep 'em comin'!

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