Tuesday, September 17, 2013

family night + some jamba

we've been super loving jamba juice this month. you'd know this if you follow james on instagram. we have isis on our phones (t-mobile users can get it!) and with isis, you can get some pretty awesome deals. for instance, free smoothies at jamba all month. it's been awesome. brooklyn especially loves it. a ride in the car, playing with wooden fruit while we wait, and a smoothie to enjoy on the way home. her heaven. 

family night was at dev & kenz's in ogden. i love having siblings so close. we all met at their house and just enjoyed being together.

olivia and brooklyn definitely took over the place. i'm sure it was great birth control for our hosts. but really, brooklyn loves her uncle (with a t instead of a c) dev and her aunt tenee. she really does.

auntie googs provided some good entertainment for the littles.

there was about a half hour analyzing the wisconsin/arizona state 'scandal' if you will. quite dramatic.

dev and kenz are both working really hard in school right now and are up to their ears in everything medical. kenz has taken the m-cat and is working on shadowing and volunteering. she's one busy girl! have i mentioned how smart she is? the smartest. they were off to the library when we all left. so dedicated. thanks for letting us crash your place and enjoy your company. we just love you!

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