Tuesday, June 25, 2013

whatever she wants.

remember those muffins i made a little while back? well, i made them again yesterday. more of them this time. also, with more nuts. some of them were lucky enough to even get a chocolate kiss shoved right in the middle of them. oh they're good. seriously. they're good. 

our monday was pretty normal. the laundry was done, the floors were swept and vacuumed, and brooklyn took care of messing them all up again. such is life with a toddler. she ran errands with me and then was content to play with the vacuum parts while i did a few more things around the house. i love when she can be content like that. 

she also got away with anything and everything for the whole day. mostly because she is getting some dental work done at primary children's today and i know it's going to be a rough day for her. not only does she not get to sleep in like she does every other day of her glorious life, but she'll be poked and prodded, and then have to wake up after anesthesia. i'm nervous just thinking about it. 

she wanted to be out in the cold wind to watch her daddy mow the lawn, and i let her. normally i would make her stay inside with me, but i couldn't resist. she wanted chicken nuggets for dinner and she got those too. we didn't grant her wish of ice cream just yet. we'll wait until after all the 'fun' stuff is done and over with until that. 

her last request of the day was to wear her pink snow boots around the house. she loves pink and she loves boots. she was thrilled.

here's to hoping everything goes well and that our life can get completely back to normal by wednesday. please oh please. 

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