Monday, June 24, 2013

a new pool + that phase.

thursday morning i went in early for a d&c. it's only the best way for me to move on after a miscarriage. my body takes about two weeks by itself without any intervention. i was only about five days in, so a d&c was was a great option. i went into feeling pretty miserable. i was also really down. of course. i woke up after the procedure and i felt tired but my body was no longer in pain. it was a relief. my mom was there to take us home so that james could go back to work.

brooklyn and i crawled into my bed immediately and we fell asleep for a couple of hours. it felt good to sleep. when i woke up, it was time to move on.

my SIL brought us dinner and the rest of the weekend was spent with good distractions like that. friday night we went to a bbq with friends and saturday was pretty darn relaxing. i needed it.

i scored pool online for 50% off on tuesday and we got it thursday. brooklyn played in it all weekend, with a swimming suit on, and without anything on. but hey, it's her pool. she can skinny dip of she wants. 

 haley came back down saturday night. we were so glad. we missed her. james grilled up some hot dogs for dinner and then we went to burger bar for shakes. those delicious shakes. i'm already craving their seasonal pumpkin shake. can't wait. but i can.

the whole evening felt like summer should, so we topped it off with some little fireworks. not sure who loved them more... james or brooklyn.  

sunday was church, dinner on the patio, and then some relaxing. 

it was also a night full of visitors and treats. the first came from the cutest family in our ward. serious. model family. i want to be like them when i grow up. these cookies were delicious and they were so thoughtful to bring us a treat to help cheer us up. sugar will do the trick.

not even five minutes later, the doorbell rang again. this time, homemade bread. we have great people in our ward. we feel so blessed to be surrounded by such genuinely good people.

a milestone worth mentioning, i introduced brooklyn to sandlot sunday evening. she seriously sat through a good portion of it. her favorite part (i think) was the carnival/throwing up part. i'm sure it was the music. no way it was the puking. anyway, i feel like that's definitely a summer milestone that is one for the record books. it's a total classic and i spent every summer of my childhood watching that movie for hours and hours on any given day. i will always love that movie. for-e-ver.

overall, life is getting back to normal here at cream gables. my heart is slowly healing and i'm definitely in the just-broke-up phase of this miscarraige. ya know... when you just break up and you're sad/mad but you have this overwhelming feeling to improve yourself, do things you haven't for awhile, and just overall improve your life (maybe even cut your hair). stuff like that. i'm in that phase. i lifted weights on saturday and my arms are screaming at me for it. it's been way too long. but i'm ready to get this body into super duper shape so that it's healthy as can be for this next baby  that's going to join our family. hopefully it's sooner than later, but if not, i will press on and i will keep trying. i have to.


Doug and Karalee said...

You are awesome Melinda! We love you and keep you guys in our prayers.

Mindy said...

My heart goes out to you! I love you, hang in there!