Tuesday, June 11, 2013

those muffins.

last week on one of my favorite blogs, she shared a recipe for muffins that looked super good. so i thought, hey, if her picky toddler will eat them... maybe my little picky palate-ed child will eat and like them too.

i rummaged through my cupboards to see what ingredients i already had and what i needed to get. luckily, i had most of it. happy to have flax seed meal in my house now. 

these muffins have chocolate chips in them, so i was counting on those bad boys to make brooklyn like these muffins.

we gave her one and let her dig in. 

but the muffin holder gave her some issues. so mommy had to step in and help with that part.

she loved them. they were a total success. she finished this one you see her eating and then she asked for anther. she then went on to have them for dinner that night and breakfast the next two mornings. she's hooked and i'm out of apples and bananas.

 but heavens to betsy, she loves them! they're{pretty}healthy so that's a plus in my book. praise those muffins! 


*haley took all of these pictures of the girl and her muffin while i finished cooking the rest of them. thanks hay!

* i made these with 1 apple and 1 banana instead of the 2 apples. i think they'd be super awesome with some zucchini in them. 

*and maybe a tad more chocolate chips... it couldn't hurt right?

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