Wednesday, June 26, 2013


this whole day is a blur (tuesday). it started nice and early at 5:45 and we were on the road by 6:15. brooklyn did us all a huge favor and slept the entire way to primary children's. she had no idea what was ahead of her.

she was, however, totally stoked to play with this pink horse. she'd never played with a horse before. she was smitten. i was surprised that she gave it up so willingly when it was our turn to go with a nurse. 

after a mix up of brooklyns (there was another one, who also has a birthday in july. that's what i get for naming her brooklyn the year it was the 6th most popular name in utah), and the right name bracelet was fastened, we were ready to change her into some awesome comfy hospital gear that made her look like a little boy. she loved it. 

a few people gave us the whole run down step by step of what would happen for the rest of our stay there and then they ministered the loopy meds. brooklyn was hilarious on this. she was happy and calm and laughed whenever we laughed. james got some great footage of it and i think we will treasure it for years to come. 

the anesthesiologist came to get her. we coaxed her into the wagon, gave hugs and kisses, and watched her be wheeled back to the OR. i may or may not have had a huge lump in my throat. 

the next hour and a half was excruciating. i knew the dentist was going to do a good job (he is seriously the best). i knew her teeth were going to look great. but my word did the anesthesia part have me all hyped up. i was worried sick. i couldn't even eat. and that's not like me folks. i can always eat. 

as we sat there and waited, i was able to hear and watch other parents talk with the doctors performing surgery on their children and i was overwhelmingly humbled. i could have just sat there in a ball in the corner bawling my eyes out if i hadn't kept my emotions in check. these people were here with their children for much more serious surgeries than we were there for. suddenly, our tiny little dental work worries went out the window. 

it was seriously a tender mercy. life for me the past few weeks has been really hard and super sad. but i wouldn't trade it for the world to go through what these other parents were going through. i am extremely blessed to have a healthy child, a healthy husband, and to be healthy myself. none of us have cancerous tumors, or cancer in general. we aren't living daily without the use of limbs or without the use of our eyes and ears. my heavens i am totally blessed. i have nothing to complain about. 

i will never forget how i felt today at that hospital. gratitude was spilling out of my ears. just seeing brooklyn wake up in recovery was enough to make my whole year. i take so much for granted on a daily basis and for that i am totally sorry. my heart aches for those we saw in that hospital today. they will forever be in my prayers. 

brooklyn did pretty well in recovery. they got her a root beer slushy and she was happy. once the glitter of that wore off all she wanted was her iv out and the feeling in her upper lip to come back. she was pretty sad about that.

but then she fell asleep in my arms.

my heart melted all over the floor and i wanted to freeze time right then and there. to be able to hold my 23 month old on my lap and have her only want me, is a feeling that is irreplaceable and i will keep that memory locked up in my heart forever and ever.

the ride home was not so pleasant. i rode in the back next to her as the nurse suggested and boy did i take a beating from that little 23 month old. she was angry. seriously angry. she wanted this. she didn't want that. no no no no no no! she was hitting and kicking and just wanted out of that car seat. she was happy for about point two seconds when we stopped at in-n-out to get her a strawberry shake. and then again when we bought her a horse toy she chose in target. but only for point two seconds. 

she promptly fell asleep when we got home and woke up a new girl.

she asked for cereal and chocolate milk.

she then spent the rest of the evening running errands with her boring parents. but her daddy made it up to her with a firework show in the backyard. dads are the most fun.

she asked for a bath and then wanted to go to bed. this is normal. so i didn't argue.

before bed, she skyped her nana in hawaii and got to show her the new horse toy she got and named isaac (NO idea where that came from. not even sure that's what she's saying. we're just going with it.) and then it was off to bed.

it was a super emotional wearing day. we've got some fun stuff planned for the rest of the week and this weekend and we're ready for it. we're ready to enjoy our summer FULL OUT!

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