Monday, July 1, 2013

summer kick-off weekend.

just another weekend recap...

on thursday, my mom came to have her first sleepover at cream gables. we were so excited to have her. especially brooklyn. it was grilled salmon, red potatoes, corn, and some other grilled veggies for dinner and then to the kaysville dollar theatre to see the croods (totally cute). 

after the movie, we stopped to see brooklyn's most favorite animal attraction just a few streets down from the theatre. the llamas. she loves them. but only at a great great distance. funny girl.

friday brought shopping (with my mom and sister), super hot weather, and some more shopping. after those two left (after a short short visit), brooklyn and i anxiously awaited james' arrival home so we could pack up and head down to the t-ville fireworks. seven years and counting for james and i. this was brooklyn's second. third if you count in the womb

it did not disappoint. we had a nice relaxing evening, filled with sugar and fireworks. it really seems to be the kick-off to our summer every year. so thank you again t-ville dayzz for startin' our summer off right!

(brooklyn's candy of choice and a new family addiction: reeses pieces) 

even though we got home late and were exhausted from the heat and sunshine, we woke up saturday morning ready to stick to the plans we'd made the night before: slc farmers market, seven peaks, and our ward bbq. 

we love going to the farmer's market in downtown slc. we headed down there earlier hoping to beat the heat. we didn't. we were melting as soon as we stepped out of the car. but we loved the marketing nonetheless. besides the little tantrum brooklyn threw, knocking our $2 cookie out of my hand and to the ground, it was a smooth little trip.

(i had to. and no, we didn't try the kombucha) 

after being out in that scorching heat for almost an hour, we were ready to hit the pool. we hadn't renewed our pass of all passes yet, so we had that lovely little chore to do before we could actually get in the water. brooklyn didn't think that was very fun. she did, however, love getting her own id card this year. she's so proud. 

luckily, we had some friends, the boyers, there to play with us. james and stephen took the girls wherever their little hearts desired, and jenny and i were able to sit and chat and dote over cute little baby cooper. unfortunately, i have no picture of cooper. but oh those cheeks. take my word, they were delicious.

we said our goodbyes, with promises to "do this again soon", and we were off to get ready for our ward bbq. it turned out to be a really fun hot night. did i say hot? brooklyn loved doing crafts, eating the hamburgers and cake, swimming with her buddy shane (in their diapers), and james and i enjoyed visiting with friends in our ward. 

luckily, shane and his mommy and daddy weren't sick of us by the end of the night and they were nice enough to invite us over for sparklers and ice cream. brooklyn was in heaven. sparklers and ice cream in her jammies = heaven. having shane there was a total bonus. it was definitely a nice way to round out our 'summer kick-off' weekend. 

(watching their daddies light off some little fireworks) 

relaxing, food, and more relaxing is how we do our sundays (after church of course), and this one was absolutely no different. we ate all of our goodies from the market and then had j & c over for brownie sundaes. 

we started hammering out our plans for the fourth of july. we take fireworks seriously at cream gables, so the fourth of july is a holiday ranked right up there at the top. we can't wait for all the festivities on thursday, and you better believe we'll be dressing festive all week long.

 h a p p y  j u l y  1st !


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