Tuesday, July 2, 2013

the first.

our first day of july went like this...

laundry started, breakfast, and then a little pool time.

in a diaper of course...

i watered the lawn and she washed her car...

finished the laundry, showered, got ready, watched some little mermaid, and then went to meet james for errands and lunch.

we dressed patriotically of course...

came home to some fun mail, hung it up, and then brooklyn took a nap while i folded laundry.

she wanted almonds for lunch and then we shared a popsicle outside. delish.

we played outside as long as we could stand it, and then went in to start dinner.

james came home, grilled us up some fish, had dinner, and then went to hunt some grocery deals. 

our evening finished off with a stroll around the block, a sparkler, and a movie together for family night.

(james taught her how to squirt this. it kept her, and us, cool on our walk.) 

(probably shouldn't have let her do it naked, but she DID have a squirt bottle there ready to go.)

we're melting in this hot weather but loving the summer activities and festivities that come with the july. and i'm pretty sure brooklyn isn't complaining about running around in a diaper 99% of the time. heck. i'd love it. 

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