Sunday, January 14, 2018

beating those january blues...

james and i decided the week after christmas break that we wanted to have a few fun things planned so that january didn't feel so gloomy and depressing. one of those things we planned was making slime. brooklyn has begged to learn how to make it, and my MIL bought basically all the essentials this summer. so i scouted out a recipe and we planned a night to do it. 

the girls loved it! i really didn't expect them to love it as much as they did. even adi got into it. this was definitely one of those things that i put off as long as i could, but then realized how easy (and fun) it was and i'd be happy to do it again the next time the girls ask.

the first sunday of the new year brought fun advancements in our house: brooklyn moved up a ctr class, kendall is a sunbeam, and adalyn is still in nursery. they were so excited and all day (we have 1 o'clock church now) and could hardly wait to get to church! they were even more excited when we got to sacrament meeting and extra family members were there for baby liam's blessing. kendall sat with great-grandma bernella the whole time, brooklyn sat with aunt toria, and adalyn loved being with her nana.

i've tried really hard the last two weeks to make some yummy dinners for my little family. one of them was especially a hit, this skillet lasagna. my girls usually don't eat red sauce very well but all three of them gobbled this right up! we had green beans and garlic bread on the side.

friday afternoon, i was all set up and ready to watch president monson's funeral and then our lovely antenna wasn't working. i hurry and turned on the radio so i could at least listen to it. adalyn's nap time hit right about then, so i loaded the girls in the van so that i could multitask. we drove up towards the temple and what a beautiful moment that was! president uchtdorf was speaking, the clouds opened up to a beautiful blue sky, and warm sun enveloped our van...such a peace came over me. i had already been emotional during parts of the funeral, and i couldn't hold back the tears. i slowed to a stop to gather myself and snap this picture.

i'm so grateful for those few short moments. i'm also grateful for that dear prophet we remembered that day. what a special incredible man! i came away determined to be and do better after hearing so much good about him and his wife.

james was a good husband and daddy and took the girls (ALL BY HIMSELF) down to the church history museum because i wasn't feeling very good. they had a great time! i'm so grateful for a husband that is capable of doing these kind of things, and wants to do them. the girls love spending time with him and he is definitely the fun parent in our home.

we're looking forward to an extra long weekend with no work or school! and hopefully there'll be a little fun and a little bit of organizing. january hasn't been too bad and i really can't believe we're already half way through!

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