Thursday, January 4, 2018

back to the grind...

it felt so good getting christmas down and put away. lucky for me, james had the 2nd of january off! so he took the younger two (brooklyn had school) over to his parents' so i had no one making messes as i tried to clean them up. as soon as i got home from the gym, i hit the ground running and had everything done in less than two hours.

oh it felt so good!!!

i couldn't part with everything off my fireplace mantel, so i left enough up just to look wintry.

after brooklyn got home from school we headed to the theater to watch ferdinand. i spent most of the movie out in the hall with adi, but the girls enjoyed it. they were excited about it all day and it was a great way to end our break. that and pizza.


the theme we've chosen for the year is simple but something i need reminding of all the time:

last year's theme was make it happen, and i feel like i did a pretty good job of that. especially with the little things in my day. i hope that good better best will be the same.

i look forward to finding a new planner every year more than one should, and i was so excited to find this cute one for less than ten dollars! planners are my jam and it makes our sunday night weekly planning so much more functional! (as leslie knope once said,"jammin' on ma planner!")

i've also loved the big calendars from target (the dollar spot no less!) to hang in my kitchen and to help me see the whole month at a time.

we're back to real life and back to routine and i can tell the girls are happy about it. adalyn slept through the night the first two nights we were home. i think she was happy to be back in her own bed! brooklyn couldn't wait to get back to school to see her teacher and friends. kendall got to have play school at our house and she loved being back in her element with all those boys! james and i are hoping to have some fun things planned to beat the january blues and we're also looking forward to one o'clock church this year so we can bring back sourdough pancakes on sunday mornings. life is good and our hearts and hands are so full!

come at us 2018, we are so excited for you!

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