Sunday, January 21, 2018

sunshine + snow

highlights of the week:

- james having monday off! we went to see the greatest showman again, this time with brooklyn and kendall in tow. to say they loved it is an understatement! we listen to the album in the car, at home, and their grandparents' houses as well.

- i accomplished something at the gym that seemed impossible to me a few months ago.

- i lucked out and got to go see it again a third time with chelsea late tuesday night. such a fun movie to go to again and again!

- brooklyn had monday and tuesday off from school and i loved having her home!!!

- thursday i went to a girls' night with friends i haven't seen in forever!

- friday night we went up to coalville to support the lady braves + coach holmes and have a sleepover at my parents'. the girls had been begging!

- my mom spoiled us with crepes saturday morning that were too too good!

aside from all the good stuff, the younger two girls have been fighting the worst coughs. they sound horrible and i know they've been a little miserable. not to mention, adalyn is getting teeth and has an ear infection. i kept them away from people as much as possible and i'm hoping they'll be able to join regular society in the next couple of days.

unfortunately, i caught their cough and was down and out most of the weekend. moms should not get sick! that's the second saturday in a row james has had to step up and take care of all of us. i'm so grateful to him for that!

one of the highlights of the week not mentioned above was going to the park thursday afternoon. it was the most beautiful day! my girls were in heaven swinging, climbing, and running outside.

fast forward to the weekend's snow storm!!! my girls were even more excited about the snow than they were the sunshine. they definitely don't have spring fever like their mama. they could hardly wait to be suited up in all their snow gear and go out and play in the white stuff.

this was adi's first time and we loved watching her try to maneuver in that snow suit. cutest thing!
she loved eating the snow and being pulled around in the sled with her sisters. then, her daddy pushed her in the swing and it was all belly laughs!

the veterans: brooklyn and kendall had a blast making snow angels, also eating the snow, and just being outside playing in it! they were so happy!

then, it got dark and cold. james took them to nana's for some delicious hot chocolate and the night was perfect to them. it's all about the simple things!

so while i'm jonesing for spring to get here quickly, i'm also super happy for the moisture and the joy this snow brings with it! i imagine i'll be suiting the girls up a few more times this week and that effort really is all worth it. 

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