Wednesday, June 7, 2017

adalyn turns one.

I still can't believe this little babe is one! Seriously the fastest year of my life. But I can't remember my life without her! She is spunky, determined, and my most cuddly baby. We were all so excited to spend a day celebrating her!

We started with a birthday bath in the kitchen sink. She had an adoring audience and thought it was the best ever!

We ran a couple errands but I tried to mostly let her spend her birthday outside, her favorite place to be!

While the girls played outside and took naps, I decorated and got ready for her party.

I really get why people hire photographers for their children's birthday parties because I am the worst at getting pictures of everyone there, and of the really moments. This time I handed a camera (a crappy one!) And a phone off to my sisters and called it good. They're always more than willing to do that for me and bless them!

The birthday girl was in heaven all night having so many people around to love on her! She loved digging into her cake, she did not enjoy eating it. Silly girl!

Her sisters and cousins loved eating cupcakes and watching Adalyn open her presents.

She seriously got spoiled and I think she honestly would have loved to get only tissue paper and been just as happy!

I was so grateful to have such a happy reason to celebrate that evening because I felt a little sad all day that my baby was a whole year old! They all are just growing like weeds and I would give my left arm to stop them! 

Adi Jac, mommy loves you so so much! You cuddle me almost any time I want. You started walking when I wanted you to, and you bring a light into my life I can't even describe. You are already so smart and I can't wait to see what you accomplish in your life. Your big sisters love you so much and you love them right back! We are all just smitten with you and we are so happy you're in our family! I love being your mommy more than you'll ever know! I am lucky to call you mine!

Your daddy is so much better with words, and I'm so grateful he takes time to write them down. Here is a special letter from him on your birthday!

My dear beautiful Adalyn,

You are an adorable and precious daughter of God and words can't adequately describe the love and appreciation I have for you and for our Father in Heaven for entrusting you to me. You have been such a unique personality in our home from the day you were born. You are definitely you're own little person, even though you obviously love and look up to each of your older sisters. They love you so much too! It brings the greatest joy I know to my heart when I see you running down the hall to come play in your sister's room while we read stories and sing songs. 

Lately, you've taken to opening and closing your tiny hands and fingers as you point at me in the mornings, telling me you want me to hold you and carry you around with me in the morning as I prepare for the day. It makes my day every time. You have a special bond with your mother and I want you to know how much I love her. She is my whole world and I fight every day to be a better husband to her. She is truly a Queen and an incredible woman, the likes of which I have never known. The two of us will always, always, ALWAYS love you! 

The other day, you showed your mother and I one of the sweetest examples of innocence and love we'd ever seen. You woke up in your crib, very sad, crying because you were tired and alone and you missed your mother. As I entered your room and picked you up, you embraced me and as I walked towards your mom, you pointed at here, clearly wanting her warmth, love and comfort. However, as I gave you into her arms, you pointed at me, seemingly wanting to be back in my arms. This continued for several minutes, back and forth until we realized you just wanted to be held by both of us at the same time. The three of us snuggled down on the couch and you nuzzled your soft face into ours and sighed a content sigh, only crying a few times I attempted to get up before just enjoying the moment. You are such a beautiful and compassionate little soul.

I am so excited for the many journeys and adventures that we have ahead and I can't wait to teach you all the lessons I've learned throughout our loves and perhaps even more excited to continue learning the many lessons you and your sisters teach me. You are a perfect example to me of our Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ's, love for me and all of us. As you grow, I pray with all my heart that you'll feel of their love and that through my love for you, you'll see glimpses of just how special and important you are to Them. If I could give you just one bit of advice, to serve you your entire life through, from this day forward, it would be to come to know Him, Jesus Christ. And I mean to truly come to know Him. He is real. He is at this very moment, actively living and doing the work of The Father and he is  For as you come to know Him, you'll come to know that He lives, that he loves us all and only desires for us to be happy and to receive Peace and Joy. His Plan is a perfect one and if we trust in him, and do all that we can, His grace will take full effect and allow us all to live together eternally. I know these things to be true and I hope that you will forgive me for my many major flaws and weaknesses. In spite of them, I love as much as I know how and that love grows every day. 

With all the feeling I possess, 


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