Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Brooklyn's last day of Kindergarten...

brooklyn's last day of kindergarten came so fast! i had a hard time keeping my emotions under control all dang day. i could've bursted into tears at any moment. we were asked to make sure to have an adult with her on the last day because we would be 'celebrating' our students. i planned on going and james just couldn't stay away. he went to work and decided last minute to come back home so he could be with her. 

her eyes lit up when her dad walked in right behind me! she sure loves her daddy! you can tell in the picture below that brooklyn does not handle individual attention very well. still so cute!

she loved mrs. holbrook and said she can't wait to go give her a hug during her first grade recesses.

we are so proud of this smart girl!

i surprised her with a little run through banner and balloons back at home. next year, i won't decide five minutes before to do this. hopefully it'll look a lot better! either way, the girls loved running through it!

we celebrated with lunch at her favorite spot, pizza pie cafe. she said it was the best day!

later that evening we hit up the bountiful food truck round up and scored some delicious hawaiian donuts and fries. super healthy start to our summer right?! the girls loved it!

after we finished up there we headed over to our friends' for their annual end of school outdoor movie party. there was cobbler and face painting as well. my girls were in heaven and brooklyn thought watching movies with friends was the best!

the movie was a family favorite, little rascals. it was so cute to hear all the kids giggling throughout the whole movie.

it definitely kicked our summer off with a bang and had us so excited going to bed that night for the rest of the summer and to check off our summer bucket list!

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