Wednesday, May 10, 2017

may so far.

as soon as we got home from hawaii, we've been checking off a to-do list that's a mile long. projects that we've either been putting off since we moved into our house or projects that needed to wait until now. ugh. i feel like we've been running running running. but amidst all the crazy to-do list chaos, i've tried really hard to "enjoy the moment". while our lives seem a little crazy, we have three little girls who are constantly putting a smile on our face (or driving us completely bonkers) and changing every single day! they're growing up right before my eyes and i'm trying so hard to hold onto these tender little years.

adalyn has officially been walking for a couple of weeks now. she literally tries to run everywhere! she wants to keep up with her big sisters so badly! she's also learned the art of emptying cupboards and drawers. but look at that face!

a few sundays ago my parents hosted some family for sunday dinner and it was so fun to have some one on one time with these special people. adalyn loved my grandpa! this picture is one i'll treasure forever. he's rubbing her hand on his whiskers and she was giggling so hard. a heart melter!

james has been so good lately and has gone into work a little later than usual so that i can sleep a little longer. that little walker up there is a horrible sleeper! the girls love having him around in the morning. he loves it too.

our friends hosted a cinco de mayo party last week that was so fun and oh so delicious! you can't go wrong with mexican food. i took on the daring task of making a cake from scratch i'd never made before. a mexican chocolate cake to be exact. everyone was really nice to try it. the kids enjoyed a pinata and the adults enjoyed the virgin margaritas!

after that party, adalyn and i packed up and headed to another party with my mom and sisters in park city. it was haley's birthday and we decided last minute to have a little sleepover. we didn't get a group picture and i'm still so sad about it!

so is addi...

no, she loved being there with her cousin bridger and being the only kids around. they were spoiled.

then saturday, it was back home and back to the grind. between a little painting, swamp cooler, and sprinkler nonsense, we've spent a good deal of time at lowe's. not fun, but we can't wait to have these projects done!

brooklyn is always (and i'm not kidding) coming up with ideas, crafts, games, party ideas, and really anything creative and usually messy every second of every day. the other day she set up a tea party in the front room and her little sisters were so excited about it, they may have accidentally ruined it. which made her sad, but she was so patient and decided they could just take over instead. it really was the sweetest.

kendall's potty training is going well. for the most part she doesn't have accidents. however, if i'm off my game and make her wait too long, or take her to the park and forget to ask her if she has to go, then we're unsuccessful. but she really is doing a great job and surprising us at night by staying dry! yay keni!

adalyn's birthday is only like two weeks away (i've shed tears over it already!) which means summer is kicking off too! we've got our summer bucket list in rough draft form and seriously can't wait for all the adventures we'll have. we couldn't wait another second to break out the popsicles and let addi have her first taste. she was thrilled, and covered in root beer popsicle from head to toe.

may is wrapping up seriously so quickly, so here's to finishing off our never ending to-do list, kissing these babies of mine ten more times a day, and dreaming of those care free summer days full of sticky popsicles and that good ol sunshine!

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